Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First Few Weeks in Malawi

Today we are moving out to our villages for homestay. The name of my village is Chapatali and there are twelve of us that will be staying there. The other eight people will be living in a nearby village. I received my language assignment yesterday... I will be learning Chitumbuka along with three others: My current roomate Bonnie, Chad ( a nurse), and Ray. Chitumbuka is spoken in Northern Malawi so at least I have an idea of where I will be placed. Bonnie and I might be neigbors! (neighbor is a word usedd loosely here......HAHA)

We went to market to get things for homestay... Such as toilet paper, peanut butter, and Chiterije- a peice of material that has many different uses. My new last name for the next five weeks will be Chimwala - it has a nice ring to it. It is dry season here. The roads are very dusty! Sandy. It has been unussually warm so far - I am waiting for the cold to hit. It is chili after the sun goes down - sweat shirt/pants or leggings needed. The trainers have been very thourough in everything...they even taught us how to make a bed!

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